Hello, I'm Eric Z. Johnson.

I'm grateful to say that I'm living my life on my own terms and loving it. (I know a lot of business owners say that sort of thing and it's a lie.)

I own a social media marketing and lead generation training business called Conversational Leads.

I'm an MBA who is a crazy avid reader and content writer. I love coffee and churros way too much.

I'm  a 4X Tough Mudder finisher and love outdoor adventures like visiting caves, cenotes and Mayan ruins.

I'm currently living in the Yucatan peninsula.

Years ago, I had a severe problem with getting quality leads. My bank account was embarrassing. In fact, I still remember one month in particular. It was turning August 1st and after 4+ years in business, I was going to have a total of $159 in my checking account. I still remember how much that stung and how thick the disappointment felt. Business was not working. 

After an exhausting year of networking, one day I finally solved my leads problem by trying something new. That's the moment Conversational Leads was born. Because of it, I quit networking and never looked back. Today, all of my business comes from LinkedIn, creating my own warm referrals, and of course, word of mouth. Yours can too. (I'm just now branching out into webinars. #FullDisclosure).

I believe that if you're committed to building your skills and taking action, you can build a profitable and fulfilling business. One that is based on your values, fits with your lifestyle, and that serves clients and customers exceptionally well.

I've seen countless entrepreneurs get lost in a marketing maze where they're constantly buying programs and software and working with coaches, and yet, not making good money. I personally had enough of that. Maybe you have too. The truth is that building your business can be simple.

I'm on a mission to help business owners simplify their lead generation process and win new clients in a streamlined and authentic way, so they too can have highly profitable businesses.


More About Eric Z & His Business

How I Work:

► Digital Courses (DIY and Done With You Versions)

► VIP Days

► Private Clients 

What My Team And I Value:

Client Satisfaction, Client ROI, Adaptability, Clear Communication, Integrity.


We Are Inclusive.

My team and I are inclusive, and have been since the start of my entrepreneurial journey in 2011.

We treat everyone with respect regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or disability. We even work with a few Taylor Swift fans.

We Give Back.

I donate a percentage of net income to reputable charities in the USA and abroad.

Causes I support include feeding children, clean water, school supplies, youth camps, political campaigns, crisis victims and their families, a women's shelter, and racial justice.

Making a difference matters.

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